I recently put together some Behind the Scenes shots for a spoken word project featuring Aki Omoshaybi. 
I shoot mainly on film and there are a few reasons for this. it makes you think about your framing, positioning, angle, lighting and how your camera is set up. You are all in with your equipment and you have to understand how taking a picture works along with how you want the image to look at the other end once the film is processed. Working with film stops 'chimping' 🐒 (looking at the back of your camera and missing the action) we've all done it, you want instant gratification, you want to see how the image you just shot on your 2 grand lens and 4 grand body looks, you want to share it to social media immediately. Fortunately film stops this. I know my equipment, I am working for my clients based on my style of photography because they like the results, because the image at the end is something that digital cant reproduce, I don't need to have my flow interrupted by checking the back of a camera screen. Trust in the process, know the process inside out and the results will follow.
Here are a selection of images shot whilst on location using my Leica M6. For BTS a Leica M6 is perfect, its compact and people don't notice it. It's not like pulling out a canon 5D mk3 with a 70-200 lens on it. I can move in the shadows and work in a way that is seamless with the production. The shutter is also super quiet, if you haven't used a Leica M6 before and fired off a shot you would probably think the shutter hasn't fired because it is that quiet! It's one of my favourite cameras to work with for stills when it's combined with some Zeiss 35mm glass👌🏼
Film 🎞 used was a mix of Kodak 400TX and Portra 400
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